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Top 5 GPS Pet Trackers and Tracking Collars 2018

GPS pet trackers are devices that offer point-to-point information about the person or object that is attached to. In previous years, these devices were only used by government agencies for the purpose of gathering diverse information. But, with the start of advances in electronics and technology, GPS tracking devices can also be used now by civilians, for various purposes. Even these devices can be used to track pets. With the purpose of work seamlessly with pets, these trackers have been integrated into several things that pets can generally use.

  1. GPS Pet Collars

GPS pet collars are maybe the most common GPS tracking device that is available now in the market. Also, it is the most used tracking device by pet owners. There are several companies that produce GPS pet collars and each of these manufacturers provides various features for your device. There are those that have a battery saving function in the collar part and have modifiable signals, which allow the owner of the pet to narrow or expand the diameter of the range to some feet. Also, there are those who have strobe lights that turn on when they are activated, allowing the owner to identify their pet in spite of moving away at a particular distance. The receivers for these tracking devices have different features as well. There are receivers that serve as a collar loader. This is a most useful feature from the economic point of view since it prevents the owner from paying additional communication costs per month.

  1. GPS Halters

There are GPS halters too that can be used on pets to track their location, in case it gets lost. And, there are various special features in this type of pet tracker, depending on the producer. There are those who find the pet within a mile, no matter which direction it goes. There are some that can show the exact location of a pet and its current speed and movement. There are those that are very easy to use and do not require installation. See more.

  1. GPS Knapsacks

There are also GPS knapsacks, even though they are less common compared to GPS collars. There are those who occasionally send the location of the pet to the owner who controls the receiver. There are trackers that contain several features in the receiver, which include a memory card slot, an area calculator, a waterproof exterior and many other special features.

  1. Crawlers for Cats

At present, most GPS tracking devices fit well for dogs, but not for cats. This is because most GPS devices are too heavy to carry for cats. Confidently, with the fast advances in technology, the GPS trackers that cats can get along will be available in the near future.

  1. Traction GPS Tractor

The Tractive GPS Tracker for pets and other animals will always allow you to know where your pet is. Check your application on Android or iOS to get the GPS coordinates of your pets. You can use your Tablet or Smartphone to calm your mind when you are not with your pet.


A GPS tracking device that is not being worn is useless. When you invest the money, ensure your pet uses hers all the time. Of course, animal thieves will sometimes remove their collars, but a surprising number do not think about doing it. In combination with micro-shelling and registration, GPS pet tracking devices will go a long way to make sure that your missing pet will be located. Click here for more information:

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